frequently asked questions

Facts and Questions about TopSecret Resort Orlando’s Adult Only Hotel & Resort. There are many questions and answers below but if you have any questions that are not answered, below you can call 407-627-0126

Yes. Our Accommodations page will lead you into our booking engine so you can select and book the room of you choice, our you can just click here and go straight in to booking.

Memberships can only be purchased at the front desk.

At this moment tickets can only be purchased at the front desk

During renovations the resort can not accommodate clothing optional guests

A security deposit is not required at this time for a regular reservation

Cancellation policy is as follows:
14 days prior to your reservation it is a 100% refund
7-13 days prior to your reservation it is a 50% refund
1-6 days prior to your reservation it is a no refund

Every guest who is on the premises must be a member to enjoy the resort and all activities and amenities

TopSecret Resort is a private membership lifestyle resort

The single male price is more expensive because  TopSecret Resort caters to couples and single females. The resort allows a limited number of select single males for an additional charge

A King room can have 2 people
A standard room with two beds can have 4 people

TopSecret Resort has a fantasy floor that is privately owned and available for members to use.

TopSecret Resort is a lifestyle destination and all-inclusive packages including food and drink are not available

During renovations the resort can not accommodate clothing optional guests

Check In: 4:00PM
Check Out: 11:00AM

If the room you are staying in is available,  TopSecret Resort does offer late check out and the cost is $30.00 plus tax

At this time, TopSecret Resort does not offer shuttle service.

Yes, TopSecret Resort provides free WiFi to all registered guests

No, parking for guests at  TopSecret Resort is free.

seductive Saturday

Seductive Saturday
Saturday, Aug. 29, 2021 hosted at TopSecret Resort of Orlando.

Seductive Saturday
Step out of your comfort zone and put on your sexiest outfit to make him squirm. Work your magic as you seduce all those around TopSecret Resort during Seductive Saturday inside Club Amnesia.

Members Appreciation Special for the Month of August.
Couples and singles ladies, entry will be $5.00 per person.
Single Males entry is $80.00

For more information please call: 407-627 0126. Or go to

The Naughty Boutique:
If you need a last-minute party outfit? We have you covered! Stop in and check out the Naughty Boutique located in the lobby, featuring specially selected apparel, wellness items, massagers, and massage products.